Azienda Agricola Spinetta

Azienda Agricola Spinetta di Monti e Altri S.S. Azienda Agricola Spinetta di Monti e Altri S.S.

The Azienda Agricola SPINETTA covers an area of 23 hectares and grows grapes for all its own wines on the hills around Faenza, in Romagna.

The owner, Mr. Monti Luciano, runs his estate with dedication and with the utmost care; he follows with remarkable competence the whole process of production of his wines.

He relies on a good group of experts, including the renowned enologist Mr. Sergio Ragazzini, who has been awarded for many wines, among which are those from the SPINETTA estate.

Clients and wine-lovers can find a wide range of products and they may purchase them directly, too, at the SPINETTA estate. Here, they will find reliability and a warm welcome, typical of Romagna and its people.

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